My research concerns Historical Sociology and International Relations, Marxism and International Political Economy, and revolutionary politics.

I have outside interests in Japanese modern history and contemporary politics, and critical war studies, especially drone warfare and imperialism. I am one of the co-ordinators of a British Academy funded research network entitled ‘Emancipatory Politics in the Arab World in an Era of Revolutions’.





My recent publications include:


Allinson, Jamie Christopher and Anievas, Alex, ‘The uses and misuses of uneven and combined development: an anatomy of a concept’ Cambridge Review of International Affairs Vol.22, Issue 1 2009


Allinson, Jamie Christopher and Anievas, Alex ‘The Uneven and Combined Development of the Meiji Restoration: A Passive Revolutionary Road to Capitalist Modernity’, Capital and Class 34:3 2010


Allinson, Jamie Christopher and Anievas, Alex, ‘Approaching “the International”: Beyond Political Marxism’ in Anievas ed. Marxism and World Politics: Contesting Global Capitalism Routledge, London, 2010


Allinson, Jamie Christopher,  ‘Jordan and the economics of the Baghdad Pact’ in Trentin and Gerlini (ed.), The Middle East and the Cold War: Between Security and Development, Cambridge Scholars’ Press, Cambridge, 2012


Allinson, Jamie Christopher, ‘Cyber-warfare and new spaces of conflict’ in Dannreuther, Roland International Security: The Contemporary Agenda 2nd Edition, Routledge, London 2013








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