My response to the Angry Arab

As’ad Abu Khalil has taken exception to my article on Syria. Accusations of blatant lying are part of his rhetorical style, so I’m not that disturbed to be the subject of one. But let’s note that Ibrahim al-Amin does say that the Arab revolutions have led to the rise of ‘Political Sunnism’ and castigates the leftist, secularist  opponents of Assad who hold the Syrian revolution to be part of the Arab revolutions as ‘takfiris’. And yes, I know that is a metaphor but it hardly dispels the impression of damming the revolutions as Political Sunnism, does it?

I’m assuming that this focus on a side issue implies that As’ad Abu Khalil disagrees with my argument but does not want to engage with it. That’s up to him, but it may give his readers pause to consider which of us ought to be taken seriously.


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