The Arab Revolutions Continue

In the year and a third since the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia, the complicated and bloody nature of the revolutionary process has led many – including many on the left- to see the “Arab Spring” as having descended into an Islamist or imperialist winter.

Today, April the 20th 2012, sees simultaneous mass protests that should remind such commentators that what is unfolding in the Arab world is a dynamic revolutionary process, whose outcome will be determined by the organisation and determination of the ordinary working people.

In Cairo, the revolution has returned to Tahrir, in protest against SCAF’s manipulation of the presidential election process.


In Syria, amongst many others, large dancing demonstrations in Douma, on the outskirts of Damascus 

And in Aleppo

In Bahrain, which has seen a year of Saudi sponsored reactionary violence, massive protests against the F1 race march through Manama calling for the fall of King Hammad and are dispersed by tear gas

If this is a conspiracy it’s a very odd one, designed to strike simultaneous blows against both the Saudi-US-SCAF axis and the Iran-Syria-“resistance” front.

The revolution continues.



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